Specify Public vs Internal Incident Titles on Your Rootly Status Pages

💅 Specify Public vs Internal Incident Titles on Your Rootly Status Pages

Many organizations use status pages internally and externally to keep stakeholders and customers informed during incidents. External incident communications demand a higher level of polish than their internal counterparts, and given the risk that can be associated with incidents, it’s crucial that teams can clearly differentiate which communications will be visible where.

That’s why we’ve updated our status page configuration to allow users to set a specific Public Title for incidents visible on your status page. This Public Title can be updated independently from the incident’s title used internally, both when posting the initial status page update from Slack, and at any time from the web portal. This way, you don’t need to worry about internal language or naming conventions from your incident titles being displayed to customers on your external status page.

To update your status page during an incident, navigate to the Slack channel specific to that incident, and type the command /rootly statuspage.

statuspage slack command

You’ll have the option to select the status page of your choice and specify a Public Title for the incident. You can also publish an incident to your status page in the web portal by heading into your incidents tab, selecting the incident of your choice, clicking the Status Page tab, and clicking “Publish Incident”. A form will pop up which allows you to input the information you want on your status page (either manually or from an existing template), including the Public Title.

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Google Analytics 4 tracking on Rootly status pages is now supported
🆕 Upgraded Rootly Terraform provider to v1.1.5 to address unexpected run failures
💅 Improved user input experience when publishing to Statuspage-io via Slack
💅 Create and Update Incident forms now will dynamically adjust the fields and field options displayed based on the end-user’s incident permissions.
🐛 Fixed unexpected system error when integrating with multiple Jira instances
🐛 Fixed custom field display issue on retrospectives
🐛 Fixed issue with checkbox fields auto resetting during form completion

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