Beautiful and modern on- call for any scale

Rootly On-Call is the only multi-cloud alerting solution that’s easy to use whether you’re setting up your first rotation or your ten thousandth.

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Beautiful and modern on-call for any scale

The fastest-growing companies trust Rootly

A one-stop shop for incidents
A one-stop shop for incidents

The days of paying thousands just to get a phone call are over. Rootly goes beyond paging to offer a complete end-to-end solution for managing the entire incident.

Truly reliable: multi-cloud redundancy
Truly reliable: multi-cloud redundancy

Reliability is our #1 feature. Rootly On-Call is the only alerting solution built on top of a multi-cloud architecture, ensuring that even if AWS goes down, you won’t miss a single alert.

Being on call is tough
Rootly makes it easy

A UX based on resolving 
100K+ incidents

Built by incident experts

We've helped hundreds of teams—from early stage startups to Fortune 500s—manage over 100,000 incidents. We built Rootly On-Call to solve for the real world challenges incident teams face.

More than a push notifications app

With the Rootly mobile app, you can be on call without being glued to your laptop. Each alert comes with useful context and action items to help you hit the ground running, without any excess clutter.

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Best practices  baked in

Best practices baked in

Rootly On-Call comes with battle-tested schedule templates, so you don't need to be an expert to have a cutting edge on-call strategy.

Zero-anxiety onboarding

Rootly On-Call makes it easy to schedule shadowing rotations for new joiners to confidently get up to speed.

Zero-anxiety onboardings

Configuration designed
for how you work

Page teams or groups

Go beyond paging services. Define schedules based on teams—or a dedicated group for Black Friday—according to your needs.

Vacation-aware scheduling

No more surprise pages while you’re enjoying tapas in Barcelona. Rootly On-Call knows when your team members are on PTO and organizes schedules around it.

Stress-free overrides

Life happens. Whether it's for the full shift or just a dentist appointment, request an override with just a click and let Rootly's AI  find coverage for you.

Configuration without a million clicks

Use natural language to build schedules and escalation policies.

Configuration designedfor how you work

Policies and scorecards

You want to ensure every service has a secondary on-call rotation? Policies let you define standards and scorecards measure on-call readiness.

Rootly uses AI to proactively identify overly noisy alerts, heavy individual pager load, or teams with poor escalation policies

Policies and scorecards

Connect with all your
favorite tools

Rootly On-Call integrates with alert managers you know and love, like Datadog, Sentry, and more.

View all integrations
View all integrations

Why Switch to Rootly?

Fair transparent pricing

Unbeatable features at a fair cost: no per-alerts, surprise bills, or silly upsells.

Startup friendly

Designed to make your first page a smooth and simple experience, Rootly partners with your team to help you avoid common pitfalls and grow faster.

Enterprise ready

With industry-leading privacy, Terraform and API extensibility, LDAP integrations, and enterprise support, Rootly is a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies.

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