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October 21, 2022


Optionally Create Incident Slack Channels

Optionally Create Incident Slack Channels

🕹️ Optionally Create Incident Slack Channels

Do all incidents deserve their own Slack channel for collaboration?

Not necessarily. For example, incidents that have been previously resolved and are being backfilled, low severity incidents that don't require collaboration, etc.

Previously, all incidents required an incident Slack channel to be created. Today, creating incident channels has been migrated to workflows that enables granular control of when they should be created.

  • Set Slack workspace where the incident channel should be created
  • Set channel title with support for incident variables
  • Ability to set incident channel as private or public by default

🌝 New & Improved

  • 🆕 Support for native Google Doc templates - see template example
  • 💅 Refreshed product images on
  • 💅 Link to incident dashboard from /incident overview
  • 💅 Tutorial for creating incident automatically from Jira and PagerDuty alerts
  • 💅 Cumulative charts hidden from metrics where it doesn't make sense
  • 🐛 Fixed issue where postmortems in Notion ran into workflow failures when incident timeline reached block limit
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