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April 4, 2024


🦊 GitLab Integration

🦊 GitLab Integration

🦊 GitLab Integration

Our new GitLab integration allows you to seamlessly utilize GitLab within your incident management flow. You can:

  • Identify potential incident causes by fetching recent GitLab commits directly in Slack using Pulses
  • Automatically create incidents based on triggers in GitLab
  • Create and update GitLab issues right from Rootly using Workflow Actions

Thanks to bidirectional syncing, you’ll never have to worry about manually updating the status of these issues in multiple tools. Whether you update in Rootly or GitLab, your changes will carry across both platforms.

GitLab Workflow Actions


Setting up the GitLab integration in Rootly takes just a couple of minutes. From GitLab, you’ll create an Oauth2 application and enter the following information:

redirect_url: https://rootly.com/auth/gitlab/callback
scopes: api or read_api (We are using api scope to create webhooks on your behalf, but you can use read_api if you create webhooks yourself.)

Then, you’ll copy the Application ID and secret into Rootly. From the Rootly web admin, click the Integrations option in the left-hand navigation menu. Search β€œGitLab” and click Configure. Add the Application ID and secret and you’re all set!

You can also find these instructions in our Help Docs.

Here's a demo from Andre Yang, our Senior Implementation Manager, walking through the use of the integration:

🌝 New & Improved

πŸ†• Estimated incident cost can now be displayed for each incident on the Incident Details page.
πŸ’… Improved Pager PagerDuty On-Call workflow action to automatically page all impacted services. Now, you can consolidate all individual workflows that explicitly pages a single service to a single workflow!
πŸ’… Default action item assignment messages have been enhanced for better display in Slack.
πŸ› Fixed intermittent issue with date picker becoming unavailable on datetime fields.
πŸ› Fixed inadequate display order on historical status page events. Now events will be displayed from latest to oldest.

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