Fields List View and More UX Improvements for Forms & Form Fields

🏋️ Fields List View and More UX Improvements for Forms & Form Fields

Last month we introduced Custom Forms, a game changer for streamlining incident management and data collection processes. Since then, we’ve continued to iterate and improve the user experience around form creation to make it even easier to manage and edit your forms.

Here’s what’s new:

  • You can now view and edit all of your fields in a list display under the new Fields tab, instead of needing to click into individual forms.
  • Fields are organized alphabetically and searchable via keyword so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for without scrolling or searching through forms.
  • Enable/disable form fields with a single click using the toggle option in the Fields tab
  • Specify whether or not a form field is displayed in the Incident Details page

Here’s a video tour of the new and improved Forms & Fields Configuration:

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Rootly status pages can now be configured with a customer-facing message to inform audience on the intended use of the page.
💅 Enhanced Shortcut integration to be able to auto set due date and assignee fields on stories and tasks.
💅 Incidents can now be moved back to triage state through both Slack and web UI.
💅 Improved human readability of scheduled maintenance durations message on Rootly status pages.
🐛 Fixed display error on playbook run conditions to display OR, instead of AND.
🐛 Fixed issue with mitigation and resolution messages not being editable.

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