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October 5, 2023


Create Fully Custom Slack Forms Using Our New Form Builder

Create Fully Custom Slack Forms Using Our New Form Builder

📝 Create Fully Custom Slack Forms Using Our New Form Builder

Introducing: our new Custom Form Builder! This feature allows you to create and customize forms tailored to your specific needs, streamlining incident management and data collection processes. With the ability to logically group fields together, you can mix native Rootly fields with your own custom fields on a single form. Some key features of the form builder include:

  • Trigger via Slack or Web: You can initiate these forms through Slack using a slash command (which can also be customized!) or via the web from the Incident page.
  • Logical Grouping of Fields: Combine native Rootly fields and custom fields in a structured manner.
  • Customized Data Collection: Design forms specifically for roles like "Communications Lead" that only display communication-related fields.
  • Workflow Triggers: The ability to initiate workflows based on the fields in the form.

This opens up a world of use cases to make collecting data during incidents easy and consistent. For example:

💬 Incident Communication: Create a form specifically for the incident communications team, which only displays fields related to communication. This ensures that the team focuses only on relevant information, streamlining the communication process during an incident.
📊 Data Collection for Analysis: Design a form to collect specific data points during an incident for post-incident analysis. This can help in identifying patterns and areas of improvement.
🤖 Workflow Automation: When a form field, like "High" severity, is filled, it can trigger workflows. This can auto-alert senior management via email, Slack, SMS, etc. Our platform excels in multi-channel messaging.
📣 Incident Team Updates: Incidents involve cross-functional collaboration between teams. Creating custom forms for status updates from each Incident Team/Role makes it clear what information should be shared with the channel, so important info isn’t left out of updates.

To start creating your own custom forms, navigate to Configuration > Forms and Custom Fields in your Rootly web portal and scroll down to Custom Forms. Click “Create Form” to start configuring your form by adding the desired fields and input types. Once the form is configured, it can be launched via a custom Slack command defined by the user or directly from the web UI.

Here’s a demo showing how easy it is to create custom form in just two minutes:

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Expanded RBAC to allow teams to enforce that their users can only see private incident.action items that they are assigned or subscribed to and only edit ones they are assigned to.
🆕 Upgraded Rootly Terraform provider to v1.1.6 to allow setting of custom field updates as workflow triggers.
💅 Improved workflow sorting capabilities to allow sorting by name within a folder.
💅 Added the ability to enable custom datetime and date fields to display on the timestamp dialog along with Rootly-native timestamps.
🐛 Fixed inability to save values to the Confluence Template field in the Create a Confluence Page workflow task.
🐛 Fixed issue with sending notifications to WhatsApp.

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