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September 14, 2023


Auto map any user from PagerDuty and Jira to Rootly incidents with new user lookup

Auto map any user from PagerDuty and Jira to Rootly incidents with new user lookup

📲 Auto map any user from PagerDuty and Jira to Rootly incidents with new user lookup

Time to assembly (referring to how long it takes to get the right people together to solve a problem) is crucial in the early stages of incidents. Rootly can already create incidents for you from alerts in PagerDuty, Jira, and more, so you can move from detection to mitigation as quickly as possible. Now, we’ve removed another manual step by introducing the ability to map users in Jira and PagerDuty to their corresponding Slack account. This means that when an incident is automatically created from an alert in these tools, the reporter will be added to the incident Slack channel automatically as well. You can also specify if you’d like them assigned to a particular role, like Incident Commander.

This feature works by using a new User Lookup liquid variable: slack_id which you can use to configure workflows to auto-invite Jira Reporters and PagerDuty Agents. This can be set up using Custom Fields Mapping within the Workflow builder. Here’s a demo of how it works:

Need a hand getting set up? Reach out in your Rootly support channel. We’re happy to help.

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Action Item Updated trigger now covers updates to the action item Type property.
🆕 Released new version 1.1.3 Terraform provider to allow opsgenie_id to be added to rootly_team resource.
💅 Enhanced form rendering logic to be able to recognize incident permissions and display only fields that the user has permissions for.
💅 Improved filtering capabilities on Metrics dashboard widgets to allow more complex conditions.
🐛 Fixed granular role-based access control bug where users with only private incident permissions cannot declare new incidents.
🐛 Added logging logic to ensure incidents moving directly from Triage to Canceled state have all mandatory timestamps logged.

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