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April 27, 2023


Request for Permission Upgrade

Request for Permission Upgrade

⬆️ Request for Permission Upgrade

We are excited to announce the ability for Rootly users to request missing user permissions directly in Slack!

For example, users that have an Observer or Read-Only role that are limited from performing certain actions can request those privileges in a streamlined way. Otherwise they would have to find out who the admins are, message them, and the admin would then go into Rootly to promote that Observer to an User. Sounds like a lot of work in the middle of an incident!

  • Streamlined and Secure Request/Approval Process: Users seeking elevated privileges no longer have to find out who the admins are and ask if they can get their permissions upgraded. Admins no longer have to figure out what level of access to grant while still maintaining least privilege access. Rootly will calculate the correct level of access required for the attempted action, identify all eligible approvers, and submit the exact request.

  • Guided Permission Prompt: Generic errors are unclear and give no directions on what to do next when a user has insufficient permissions. They leave users confused and frustrated. The new feature eliminates this confusing layer by prompting users exactly what to do next in order to gain access to the action they’re trying to perform.

  • Single-Channel Communication: Users no longer have to contact their Rootly admins in separate channels when requesting for permission upgrades. They can initiate the request directly from Slack and maintain a single channel of communication.

Rootly already delivers the most enterprise-ready RBAC features but this is one of many in a suite of enhancements to come!

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Added CONTAINS NONE OF condition in workflows
💅 Workflows runs now redirect user to details page
💅 Streamlined status page event publishing to only ask for event title during initial publication and not updates
💅 Improved token management process to help reduce token expiration occurrences for integrations
🐛 Addressed inconsistent favicons on main status page versus incident history page
🐛 Corrected Slack user tagging logic to map to Slack ID instead of Slack Username
🐛 Fixed inability to publish sub-incidents via Slack

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