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April 26, 2024


πŸ¦‰ Rootly x Thena Integration

πŸ¦‰ Rootly x Thena Integration

πŸ¦‰ Rootly x Thena Integration

Thena is a customer engagement platform for Slack. Companies use Thena to manage customer support requests via Slack, send Slack messages to ticketing tools, and bulk send customer updates via Slack channels. So where does Rootly come in?

Connecting Thena and Rootly allows users to create workflows to automatically create an incident in Rootly when a Thena request meets the criteria to be managed as an incident. The most common use cases for this are:

Incidents reported by customers: When customers escalate requests, Thena automatically creates an incident on Rootly, enabling support agents to quickly address and resolve urgent customer concerns.
Requests that fall outside of support SLAs: For requests that breach predefined SLAs, Thena triggers the creation of an incident in Rootly, prompting IT and DevOps teams to take immediate action, thus minimizing downtime and operational impact.

You can specify which Thena requests you’d like to trigger Rootly incidents when you configure the integration:


Learn how to configure this integration in three easy steps here.

🌝 New & Improved

πŸ†• Enabled API support for Rootly On-Call configuration.
πŸ’… Improved time display on metrics tables so it’s not only displaying time in seconds.
πŸ’… Added shortcut to On-Call Notifications Settings as a fourth option under On-Call. Now, users don’t have to go through Account Settings to set up their paging preferences.
πŸ’… Updated text wrapping so alerts displays nicely on the Alerts page.
πŸ’… Updated text alignment on Incident History page.
πŸ› Fixed display bug with disabled incident roles appearing on the web UI
πŸ› Fixed inability to generate metrics table from retrospective data.

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