Share and Set Permissions for Rootly Metrics Dashboards

✉️ Share and Set Permissions for Rootly Metrics Dashboards

Incident data provides valuable insights into business health and opportunities to improve response practices, but exactly what data is most beneficial varies from team to team. By introducing a “Share” option within incident dashboards, we’re making it easier to make sure the right data is accessed by the right people. In the Metrics tab of our new user interface, you can create custom internal, public, or private dashboards to display a wide variety of incident metrics. Now, you can click “Share” to easily share dashboards with individuals inside or outside of your organization and set a specific permission level.

When you click the “Share” button from within one of your dashboards, you’ll have the option to enable a public link so anyone with the link can access the dashboard, or to set specific permissions for individual access (View, Edit, or Manage). This benefits use cases such as:

  • Security-related incident metrics you only want accessed by certain teams
  • Executive-facing dashboards
  • Team-specific incident metrics (e.g. health of specific products or services)

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Introduced ability to select whether if subsequent PagerDuty escalations are created as separate incidents or adds selected on-call as a responder to the original PagerDuty incident.
💅Added support for directing Slack message to the creator of an incident via workflow. Now teams can automate messages to specific incident roles, creators, and specific users.
💅 Optimized loading logic for better UI response.
🐛 Fixed inability to upload image for email header in Send Email workflow action.
🐛 Fixed inability to display Severity field description on form fields.
🐛 Fixed incorrect values returned in the Integrations dropdown in the Create Jira Issue workflow action. This only impacted customers that had multiple Jira instances integrated.

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