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January 17, 2023


Sleuth Integration

Sleuth Integration

🔭 Sleuth Integration

We are excited to partner with our friends at Sleuth to formally launch our joint integration!. Sleuth's Engineering Efficiency platform provides a complete and accurate view into DORA metrics, visibility into bottlenecks, and tools to automate workflows.

When failures occur, Sleuth’s native Rootly integration enables development teams to respond quickly and effectively. By viewing incidents through Sleuth’s deploy-centric lens, developers can immediately pinpoint which specific changes caused those incidents so they can act quickly to resolve them (e.g. by rolling back, deploying a hot fix, etc.). With this integration, customers can:

  • Configure one or more Rootly integrations, each with its own unique set of incident filter criteria, and map those integrations to specific projects in Sleuth, allowing teams to cut through the noise and zero in on the incidents that matter to them.
  • View in real-time how incidents are impacting change failure rate and mean time to recovery metrics for specific projects and teams.
  • Remediate incidents quickly and effectively to deliver the best possible experience to their customers and stakeholders

🎤 Dylan Etkin, CEO, Sleuth

“In our continuous effort to meet customers where they are, we’re excited to provide this native integration with Rootly that allows engineering teams to understand in realtime how incidents are impacting two of their key DORA stability metrics: change failure rate and mean time to recovery. With this exciting new addition to our rich library of integrations spanning issue trackers, code repos, CI/CD platforms, and observability tools, we’re even better able to provide our customers with a 360-degree view of their development workflow and opportunities to improve it.”

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Ability to re-escalate to additional PagerDuty services even if previously paged a different one
🆕 Shiny new G2 badges on for Winter 2023
💅 Zapier directly embedded into Rootly > Integrations
💅 security section updated with additional enterprise-readiness details
💅 CSV export will be emailed directly to that of the requester
💅 PagerDuty tokens are automatically refreshed, removing the need to ever reintegrate
💅 Improved error messaging if using /incident convert to turn existing channels into Rootly incidents were to fail
💅 Countless infrastructure improvements primarily focused around Slack
🐛 Fixed issue where action items on the Web Platform had unnecessary labels
🐛 Fixed issue where Pulses were timing out due to large payloads

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🔒 Lock Individual Workflows

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🚨 Alert Sources

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🪄 Dynamic Forms

🔐 Granular Role-Based Access Control Settings for On-Call

✉️ Emails as an On-Call Alert Source

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Rootly AI Editor: Fix Typos, Grammatical Errors, and Wordy Text Instantly

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✍️ Customize Your Wordbank for Automatic Incident Title Generation

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