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March 18, 2024

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Optimizing On-Call for Incident Management: Preventing Team Burnout with Rootly On-Call

Rootly On-Call streamlines incident management with automated scheduling, noise reduction, and centralized documentation. It mitigates on-call fatigue with features like flexible overrides, shift visibility, and shadow rotations, enhancing team well-being and preventing burnout.

Tiffany Cox
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Tiffany Cox
Optimizing On-Call for Incident Management: Preventing Team Burnout with Rootly On-Call
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Optimizing On-Call for Incident Management: Preventing Team Burnout with Rootly On-Call

On-call rotations are essential for promptly addressing incidents and minimizing downtime. Yet, the relentless nature of this duty often takes a toll on team members' mental and physical health. Burnout not only impacts individual well-being but also decreases productivity and increases the risk of errors during critical incidents.

With Rootly On-Call, SRE teams can confidently tackle critical incidents while mitigating burnout and enhancing overall well-being, ensuring sustained productivity and resilience in today's dynamic digital landscape.

The Role of Rootly

Rootly is revolutionizing incident management by providing a comprehensive platform designed to streamline on-call processes while prioritizing team well-being. By integrating intelligent alerting mechanisms, Rootly reduces noise and ensures that team members are only notified of critical incidents requiring immediate attention. Moreover, Rootly automates scheduling and rotation management, fostering fair and equitable on-call rotations to prevent individual burnout and resentment among team members. Centralizing incident documentation and facilitating seamless collaboration, Rootly promotes a culture of continuous improvement while enhancing team cohesion.

Incorporating Additional Features with Rootly On-Call to Mitigate Intrinsic Fatigue

In addition to its core incident management functionalities, Rootly On-Call offers features specifically designed to reduce the intrinsic fatigue of on-call rotations:

  • Overrides Designed Around Life: Life doesn't adhere to a rigid schedule, and neither should on-call rotations. Rootly On-Call provides an intuitive platform where team members can request coverage when they need it most, whether it's due to sickness, personal appointments, or unforeseen emergencies. By enabling seamless coordination of coverage, Rootly On-Call ensures that individuals can prioritize their well-being without compromising the reliability of on-call support.
  • Visibility Into Shifts: Rootly On-Call provides valuable visibility into on-call shifts, allowing team members to see who is shouldering the most responsibility and who may require additional support. By promoting awareness of workload distribution, Rootly On-Call empowers teams to address any imbalances and ensure that on-call duties are distributed fairly across the board.
  • Shadow Rotations: Transitioning into on-call responsibilities can be daunting, especially for new engineers. Rootly On-Call introduces the concept of shadow rotations, where new team members can gradually acclimate to on-call duties by shadowing experienced colleagues. This hands-on approach not only eases the transition but also facilitates knowledge transfer and skill development, ensuring that individuals feel confident and competent in their on-call responsibilities from the outset.


In today's interconnected world, incident management is critical to organizational resilience. However, the demanding nature of on-call rotations can lead to team burnout if not managed effectively. Rootly On-Call offers a holistic solution that optimizes incident response processes while safeguarding the well-being of on-call teams.

To learn more about how Rootly On-Call can transform your incident management practices and prevent team burnout, visit the website or schedule a demo today.