The easiest way to turn incidents into unplanned investments.

Your New Scribe

  • Automatically generated incident timelines with all the context and none of the copy and pasting.
  • Easily collaborate and share across the entire organization or with customers.
  • Accurately replay past incidents for GameDay simulations, training new engineers, or keep experienced ones sharp.
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Reinvest in Learnings

  • Create consistency in the retrospective process with customizable templates for any incident type.
  • Create and assign action items that integrate bi-directionally with your favourite ticketing tools like Jira. An all-in-one view ensures you never forget a follow-up again.
  • Understand the biggest driver of your incidents by tracking causes to help you pinpoint gaps in your reliability.
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Rootly is free (forever) for teams up to five. We also offer paid plans with additional seats, features, and support.