We handle the annoying admin while you focus on what you do best, firefighting


  • Seamlessly handoff alerts from PagerDuty and automatically create incidents without ever leaving Slack.
  • Bring the cavalry, involve the right engineers automatically but also notify your leadership or legal teams without wondering who owns what.
  • All the right context, every time. Relevant runbooks and metadata (deploy events) at your finger tips to shortcut resolution times.
  • Leave copy and pasting behind, automatically generated incident timelines with none of the noise.
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rootly rootly
rootly rootly

Conquer Complexity

  • Service Catalogs provide you the best view into your complex infrastructure and saves time by telling you where to look.
  • Designed to scale whether you are a small team of 10 or an enterprise of 10,000.
  • Automatically document system dependencies and knock down knowledge silos so you don't keep relying on your most senior engineers.
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